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Pregnancy Support

The Hope Center is here for you throughout your pregnancy and beyond, see how we can help.

Pregnancy Support Services

The Hope Center is equipped and ready to help you as you walk through these next steps. For clients who choose to parent, they will be paired with our Pregnancy Support Advocate. She will help create a custom care plan of In House Programs and Community Referrals to ensure that you are receiving the resources and support you will need.

In House Programs:

  • Yes, She Can! Student Mom Scholarship | A scholarship program for pregnant and parenting moms

  • Journey Through Motherhood Mentoring | A mentoring program designed to build a support system, learn about pregnancy and parenting and earn incentives

  • Professional Counseling Services | Free, professional counseling with Meagan Brunson, PhD, LCMHCS

  • Childbirth Education Classes | Free classes with CAPPA trained instructors at the Center

  • Showers of Hope | A baby shower hosted by a local church or organization

Community Referrals:

  • Pregnancy Medicaid

  • Job Assistance

  • Prenatal Care

  • Food Stamps

  • Childcare

  • Housing

  • WIC

Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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